Air Presenter for Kinect

Control your PowerPoint and PDF presentations with Kinect!
So touch, the leading creative software company for new digital technologies, in partnership with Evoluce, the leading provider of advanced multi-touch screen technologies, present: So touch Air Presenter for Kinect. The world’s first presentation software optimized for Kinect!
Turn your corporate presentations, welcome areas, trade show booths and point of sales into mind boggling experiences, controlling your presentation with multi-touch gestures leveraging So touch Air Presenter gestures software and Evoluce Kinect Windows 7 software. Integrate your usual PDF, Power point, JPG and video materials into So touch multi-touch minority report’s style interface and control it with gestures in the air. So touch Air Presenter is delivered with a very graphic player, featuring a multi-touch zoom mode and an integrated video player as well as a very easy to use content manager.

So touch Air Presenter content, sourced locally or from the network, can be played on multiple screens at the same time. So touch Air Presenter content manager can deliver customize or generic content to each player. So touch Air Presenter packaged with Evoluce Kinect Windows 7 software will be released soon. So touch Air Presenter is already available for TUIO based gestures devices. To know more and download a free trial version.

For more information about So touch multi-touch and gesture controlled software please visit the So touch website.

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